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Two Social Entrepreneurs Who Are in a Mission to Change the Education Sector

Entrepreneurship is not an easy road. Though it is easy in recent days, several people working on a routine job tend to fail once or twice. The passion of the entrepreneur changes the path he/she is traveling. In simple terms, if you love the work you do, you can never feel your work as a job. If your business is your passion, you would not even feel like you are working in your life. Well, in this blog, we are discussing two social entrepreneurs who have changed the education sector in a far bright way.
Peter Sage:
Being a renowned public speaker and successful entrepreneur, Peter Sage is educated by Tony Robbins. He is the board member of InstitutEuropéend’Administration des Affaires or INSEAD, which is one of the top 5 business schools in the world. He is a dropout in high school. He is also been referred to as the extreme entrepreneur by the same prestigious institution.
A few years ago, Space Energy was launched by Peter. It is a company with the aim of keeping solar panels in the space so that the energy would be available to everyone all over the world. He has recently contributed the scheme to the United Nations.
It is possible to hear his speech on the episode ‘Reaching the Finish Line’ or watch him on TEDx Talk. He educates people in such a way sparks explanation within the listener. He is famous for his words that he often say money is not central as the plan. He means that a better strategy is required and not money.
Millionaire Business School was founded by Peter Sage. He has used the tool leverage to remain as a successful entrepreneur. He conducts a three-day event where he would educate people to remain highly creative to develop their business by using leverage in several ways.
ShaiReshef is the president and founder of the first qualified tuition-free college – University of the People in the US. He has experience of about 25 years only in the education stream. He chaired the Kidum group, which is an educational services business and KIT eLearning –online education companion under the University of Liverpool before starting the tuition-free university- University of the People.
It is possible to hear him on the episode of Reaching the Finish Line or see him at the Ted Talk. ShaiReshef has a strong belief in education. He trusts that education is more than a privilege – it is a right. It is the reason he developed an online education platform, which is comparatively affordable and accessible to people all over the world.
Shai has been well recognized for all his works. Fast Company has named Shai as one among the 100 Most Innovative People in Business. The Huffington Post has named him as the Vital Game Changer in the Field of Education.
He was been award recently for Innovative Philanthropy- the 2016 Prince’s Award by the Albert II, who is the Prince of Monaco.
The University of People has educated about 2500 students from more than 170 countries.

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