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A Social Entrepreneur Transforms Education through Technology

A Social Entrepreneur Transforms Education through Technology

Updated: 11-13-18

It is hard to fix the education system and fixing the issue has been a long time struggle, dream,and priority for most countries. The United States stays behind in Science and Maths when compared with other developed countries. The performance of students is not even across the states. ThinkCERCA is curriculum program created and launched by Eileen Murphy. It is the latest approach by a prompted teacher changed to social entrepreneur.

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Murphy was able to get a clear view by getting experience in English teaching in CPS (Chicago Public Schools) and functioning in curriculum design in the main office. She did not only get an idea of what the teachers require but also witnessed the troubling picture. The centralized information showed student performance reducing in several cases, mainly due to failure in personalized teaching.
She started to research on a micro level, which she ensured to visit about 20 blended schools that have incorporated online learning system in the classroom. She noticed dramatic inadequacies. She found the gaping hole in literacy. The use of digital tools was isolated and it was not co-operative. She also found that the teacher involvement was zero percent.

Apart from textbooks, ThinkCERCA focussed on group debate and critical reasoning through its vast range of online articles. The students assess texts extending from Structure to those by Banksy – a graffiti artist to study evidence centered thinking with computer software that holds multiple learning phases within each classroom. At present, more than 20,000 students are using the product and it has been used by 100 schools. The majority of schools are public and vary from campuses with single shared computer laboratory to highmix.

ThinkCERCA is a research-based, flexible framework that assists students to involve in critical thinking. The full form of CERCA is Claim, Evidence, Reasoning, Counterargument,and Audience. The investment follows where there is chance. During the first three months of 2014, the ed tech startups upraised about $500 million as per TechCrunch. The majority of the investment was used for the students to face digital products such as ThinkCERCA as per the Gates Foundation Study that was released this year. It was found that the market would continue to grow.

Basically, ThinkCERCA was a portion of the introduction session of Impact Engine, which is a Chicago native social incubator. There are about 15 accelerators all over the United States devoted to education. The subject of debate was growing into a social business on the outset. Several recommended a non-profit organization with no cost products, but the founder Murphy found that the business model as a better choice.
She added that she was worried thinking that there would not be enough philanthropy to keep developing. Their main mission is to develop this technology to solve the problem of principal. The student’s results can happen quickly but the principal has to make a change and dedication to personalized student growth and literacy. She also added that the investment in this paid curriculum product supported the duty of trying at least once.

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