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Welcome to We are an education website that shares technology updates needed for social entrepreneurs. Technology can authorize social entrepreneurship skills by democratizing right to use information, enabling new capabilities and creating business value. Several programs have validated that social entrepreneurs are successfully using technology and taking some common methods, though in different environments. The major success factors are as follows;

It helps them to transfer beyond digital literacy: It is hard to expect long-term success when teaching someone regarding technology without much experiences in actual situations. Inculcating increased employability, self-sufficiency and chance to make use of technology to resolve social trials is a long way to create digital citizenship.

They join deep stakeholder involvement: Successful models tend to find out and meet the requirements of stakeholders and tolerantly iterate till they find the fully adapted solution.

They change perceptions of the ostracized: Social entrepreneurs are transforming perceptions of wider society and even the marginalized persons – those who are not represented in ICT. They observe their potential by representing their chance to succeed.

They maintain it decentralized: Developing community systems where knowledge is simply shared nurtures a great skill to act and consequently succeed in education initiatives, prosperity,and local health.


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We are an education website that shares technology updates needed for social entrepreneurs.

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