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Coding Bootcamp by the University of Oregon

Trilogy Education and the University of Oregon have collaborated to launch a program- coding boot camp in part time basis for working professionals and adult learners. Students and professionals who have interests in web development can make use of the program. It is a non-crediteducation program that is organized for 24 weeks. The name of the program is University of Oregon- Coding Boot Camp.

Trilogy explained that the main motive for collaboration is to meet the growing requirement for website developers in the Portland region. The classes will be conducted within the campus of University of Oregon in Portland. There will be two classes during the weekdays and one class on Saturdays to simplify the work schedules. The weekday’s classes will be conducted at night times. There is no experience or previous training required for students who wish to enroll in the class. The program consists of 20 hours of classes per week apart from the projects, homework and experiential learning.
The Coding Boot Camp program will cover the introductions of data structure, algorithms,and coding along with concentrated teaching in other coding languages and JavaScript. The students enrolling should access to portfolio reviews, career planning services and recruiting assistance.

Dive Insight:
In the present job market, the demand for individuals with technical skills like software development is relatively high. Many employers are finding hard to recruit individuals with the same talent set. Such accelerated programs can help the working individuals as well as interested candidates to earn, learn and update themselves for the further step in career records. These skills push the candidates to become more creative. In certain cases, the training programs are given even in prisons for the ex-prisoners with a graduate degree.
The good news is colleges are reacting to the requirement and willing to offer training in skills intensive and coding programs in the last couple of years. Trilogy has collaborated with numerous colleges like University of California in Berkeley, George Washington University and the Case Western Reserve University to assist them in taking advantage of existing workforce development requirements with such programs.

However, several administrators question whether they could sustain and run the courses due to the shutting of two various location programs. They question whether the course organizers have the power to manage the revenue and enrolment in a profitable manner. Various privately managed companies have expressed lower time commitment and cost equal to the college degree program. But it has failed to provide adequate job placements to all the candidates.

As colleges are coming forward to provide nondegree and short-term skills and development programs, the administrations should remain practical and realistic about the course contents. They should plan well to cover subjects and topics that are useful for job application. Moreover, the subject should be covered within a few months or weeks and cater tothe student’s expectations. The student should know what they can expect at the end of training program. The program should be clear with positive outcomes. There are several benefits of taking boot camp as it does not affect the candidate’s regular profession or studies.

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